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The MTOptions team strives to bring the best service to our members that we possibly can. Below are some testimonials sent to us by some of our members. We feel there is no better way to demonstrate what MTOptions can do for you than by letting our members say it for us.

Charles, CA forwarded the email below recommending our service to a freind. He was kind enough to share the email with MTOptions and now we can share it with you:

Hey buddy, I get pretty down when the pickin’s are slim……house for all these years with its manageable mortgage, we most certainly would have lost that too. I honestly don’t know how we made it this past 10 years. When I discovered trading, I thought I had finally found my ticket out of poverty. I put the rest of my retirement savings into it, along with money I had made over a year or two out of the past 10 where I had actually made a profit- what I didn’t sink into the swimming pool. Anyway, I started trading options. It came easy for me. I made $10,000 the very first month I traded. I felt like the golden boy. Then the market crash hit. I didn’t have any stops set, didn’t even know how. I lost nearly everything.I went thru a severe depression. Didn’t know from one month to the next where our next meal was coming from, let alone the house payment. It got really bad. I was too scared to trade on my own. I researched a few trading subscription houses and found MTOptions. I looked at their track record over the previous year and was impressed. I went ahead and dove in with them. Right away, I started losing money. Again I was scared. Before the first month was over though, they put up some winning trades so that my first month made 88%. The second month, again, there were a few losses. Once again, I got scared. This time I sent my concerns to them in the form of a letter. They sent me back a reply that was both courteous and respectful. They said to give them a little more time and I would see the results would be positive. Once again, here we are at the end of the month, and we have moved from being in the red to being in the black by 270%! Bruce, I’m sending this letter to you for two reasons. #1 I know the pool/rock business is getting hit right now due to the fall off of new homes being built- which ofcourse is going to hurt your pocketbook. #2 I know you really want to trade and could use some good direction. Granted, I’ve only been with MTOptions for two months, but the results do seem to follow along with their track record of the previous year. There may indeed be a string of losses along the way, but they always pull out of it and make gains. They have for every month I’ve tracked them since April of ’06. They are the ONLY trading subscription I would recommend. You already know I have others that I’m not happy with that hold their positions too long and make a winning trade turn into a losing trade. I think MTOptions could be your ticket. I will keep you posted on my progress. I would certainly like for you to be able to do what I’m doing. Your bad back, hip and knee sure could use the time off! Look forward to seeing you Friday,Charles”

Charles, CA

“Outstanding work so far. Keep it up.”

Tim, New York, NY

“Nice start..keep it going.”

Rachel, Clearwater, FL

Easy to follow. Hope to make lots of money with you all.

Luis, Columbia, SC

Since I joined your service in August I have more then doubled my trading account. Thank you and please keep up the good work

Gary, New York

I was a bit skeptical when I first joined and saw your last 2 trades were for losses totaling 64% but my faith has been restored and now I am sold. In 3 weeks I have made over $2300. For me, that is incredible considering my account began with only $4500. Thank you.

Marsha, South Carolina

Great call with the OEX Puts.

Pete, Washington

I have to say your strategy does work. If you put the same dollar amount into each trade you will be rewarded. Your strategy with your stops will preserve capital and have taught me how to trade options properly.

Sergio, Florida

Wow, nice call on SEPR. I made over 7k with that one play.Excellent work.

Craig, Iowa

“Whatever you guys are doing please keep it up. I have never witnessed anything like this before and I have been trading for well over 20 years. Consistent returns. Great work.”

Rich, Ilionois

GREAT TRADE!! Just wanted to send a thanks to the trading team on the latest call with MCO. With your indicators and my trading system made this trade a no brainier for me. Looks like I’m moving to a year subscription shortly

Dave, Florida 

Hi to All at MT Options,

Just a note and with a very heart felt thanks I would like to tell you of my options account.

Within your free trial period I signed up for I was able, with a little money management and your option picks, to turn $603.00 into $3,478.00.

Also the staff at MT Options are the best though emails which were always answered with a speedy reply or speaking on the phone.

Again thank you very much,


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